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Pilot is proudly and independently published by Pilot Press.

Pilot is a two person (and long distance) gig. Based in both Melbourne and South Gippsland, Pilot was founded by Karen Bateman and Renee Beasley in June 2014. Renee has a degree in Professional Writing and Literature from Deakin University, postgraduate qualifications in English education and currently teaches literacy in the TAFE sector. She writes poetry and is guilty of the rampant use of ellipses. Karen writes fiction, is co-founder of Scribal (a regional writers group) and holds the record for eating the most Nutella in a single sitting. Renee and Karen wanted to create an essential resource, a creative companion, designed by writers for writers. Their aim is to support and encourage writers and to champion the craft of writing.

How it all began …

Our list of excuses was getting longer. We couldn’t find the time to write because we had run out of bacon, the carpet was dirty, the moon was in Virgo, we fell asleep and the dog ate our fingers. You know the story. We needed help and quickly.

We wanted a tool — something functional and practical for the daily life of a busy writer. It had to be a compact writing reference and motivational book that would somehow necessitate its use, every-single-day. 

What was required here was a diary! A diary with the right stuff — the perfect combination of cheerleader and coach, of writing opportunities and up-to-date industry information. We set out to find ‘a diary for writers’ — and we found one, only one in the whole entire world. And it was terrific, if you lived in the United Kingdom, wanted to attend literary festivals in Bath and send your manuscript to an agent in Hampshire.

Pilot is the only calendar diary in Australia designed specifically for writers. It is a multi-functional writing tool — a heady mix of practicality, inspiration and good cheer. Consider it a thrifty investment in your 2017 writing year. We want you to succeed with your writing goals. Pilot can help you do this.